Follow us on our journey across the USA 

Torch Lake, Michigan

Our Story

Tracy and I have owned 4 Motorhomes in our lifetime.  The first one caught fire and we didn’t even have a chance to get it titled.  From there we bought our first official RV.  It was a 1995 Coachman Catalina Sport.  I still don’t know how you can add the word sport to a motorhome.  Oh Well.

Our current Coach – yes, I guess when you get a 43 foot diesel pusher, you no longer refer to it as a Motorhome or RV.  And it’s hard to say we take him out camping.  But what we are going to do is tour the USA and Canada in our coach which we named Daylos.

We are looking forward to exploring new places.  Keep an eye on our blog where we will share our experiences.

Hope to see you during our travels! 



Brad is quite happy to add a new state, TEXAS to the travels in Daylos!!