Who We Are…..

Brad grew up in Ohio and loves both The Ohio State University & The Cleveland Browns!

Tracy grew up in Indianapolis and loves Family & The Indianapolis 500!

Together we have found the love of exploration, connecting with friends both old & new and making new memories while living the “RV Life” we dreamed about.  And we continue to look forward to the new adventures in our LIFE on the ROAD!

Meet the Team

Brad Loomis

RV Expert (Driver) working while we travel

Tracy Loomis

Planning (with help of Brad) & documentation

Brad & Tracy

Looking forward to making new memories while remembering the old

Daltin & Elana

Daltin is our oldest son & married to Elana, a very loved daughter in law!


Devin is our younger son and he spent Christmas in the RV with us!

Jade, Michael & Callie

Jade is our special niece that lived with us during her High School Years!


We are all together!!!!

And here is “DAYLOS” our 4th RV and what will be touring the USA with Brad & I.

2014 Newmar Mountain Aire