“No act of Kindness, No matter how Small, is ever Wasted.” – Aesop



Our view was good and the best part is that we are only staying for one night and do NOT have to unhitch the Jeep!!!

Fort Stockton RV Park




“A simple, yet powerful, moment when a kind soul does an anonymous act of genuine kindness…” – Unknown


I was so excited that we got this Duck when checking in and the ladies working there were so KIND.  My sister has fought breast cancer in the past and she was having major problems with back pain and was later diagnosed with Lukemia – Anyway, they had just gotten in a new BAG of Ducks and accessories – they let me build my own and I did this one in all PINK – hat and glasses too and I sent it to Julie !!!  Now, get Better so we can PLAY!  



Next major stop is New Mexico

We will stop for a couple days in Carlsbad and then onto Albuquerque for a longer stay!

Join today

I will updated this as soon as Albuquerque is Complete!



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