Lebanon, Ohio 

We stayed at the Lebanon, Ohio KOA while we finished packing, storing, organizing and anything else that it takes to go from living in a house to full time in an RV without a house!

I will be doing a post soon about the city of Lebanon with my favorites and some history of the town for my family!  Stay tuned but, this page has my memories of the park while we stayed there for a few weeks prior to hitting the road!

Our First Stay is Lebanon, Ohio

In order to finish packing & getting ready for Full Time RV Living, we set up Daylos at the KOA in Lebanon.  This made it easy to start living in the RV while we were setting up and clearing out the house!  It was great to be so close to family while going through this crazy time of our lives!

“We are very excited that this day is here….Full Time RV Journey!  Our first stay is in Lebanon, Ohio!  I have a lot of family history on my Mom’s side in Lebanon & I learn more every time I am here!”



Dewey is loving the RV Life and being outside where he can watch for wildlife & other camping dogs!

 .  Our Visit @ Lebanon KOA:

Brad & I decided to stay in Lebanon for a many reasons:

  • My Mother and Step-father (Barbara & Gene) live about a mile away
  • My Sister Julie & her son, Ian live about a mile away – although different direction from Mom
  • Another Sister Jennifer, Dan & their 3 kids live in Lebanon
  • Our storage while full timing is in Lebanon – Yes, we got a 10 x 10 to store items
  • Great Dining options
  • Great Shopping
  • Great History to Learn


About Lebanon KOA

One thing that is important to me is that it is open Year Round!  There is a lot to do in this area especially downtown Lebanon.

Website: Lebanon, Ohio Campground | Lebanon / Cincinnati NE KOA Holiday

The campground is complete with pool, laundry facilities and two dog parks.  There are also great playgrounds and other activities for kids!


We got to see Camp365!

It was fun to watch this one get set up as I had never seen one before!  The owner was very nice and let me take pictures as he set up.  

Check out the website: https://camp365.com/



Stay Tuned ….

I am working on my page for My Favorites but, here are some links to help you if you are in the area!


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