Adventure Begins Today !!






Let the Daylos RV Life Begin!!  We are ready to get her out of storage & hit the road!      

We got the RV out of storage for the last time.  Our lease on the storage unit was complete at the end of April!  

I have to admit this is both scary & exciting.  Hard to believe this is our new home!!!!  We are going to park in Lebanon, Ohio at the KOA for about 3 weeks to finish up clearing out of the rental house and moving into the RV.  I have to admit that I am pretty excited about this phase as both my Mom and TWO of my sisters live in Lebanon!  And two of them are in walking distance from the KOA!  Should make these weeks both busy and fun!

We Happy to see the storage garage EMPTY!




We are now facing the final stage of preparation for our new life of living in DAYLOS (someday we will have to talk about what that means but, for now….A DAY is never LOSt in our RV living is our DREAM!

In this picture, the jeep is patiently waiting to get hooked up to the RV!

Moving Out also means Moving In!




More Packing!

is Here!  Load it Up!

Jade, Michael & Callie to the RESCUE!

My niece Jade along with her husband Michael & daughter Callie came over to help us out and take a lot of items!  Some items were for friends and others were for them!  Brad & I were quite happy to load the van and send them off!  After a great day of packing & pizza they were on their way!




Brad & I are happy that we are DONE loading the 10 x 10 Storage.  We are relieved this is done and ready to move on to the next step of enjoying our new RV Life. 




Update Friends & Family


Below is the back of the card which we mailed with our update!

Dear Family & Friends,

As many of you may know, we have been planning to go full time in our RV for 4 years.  Effective June 1st, we are on the road!  Daltin and Elana have settled in Minneapolis, MN and Devin is living in Hollywood, CA.  Jade, Michael and Callie are living in Northern Kentucky.  We are so proud of our kids for following their dreams.  And we are doing the same!

You can follow our journey on Facebook and our website.  Search for the Facebook group called “Forever RVing” or visit us at and click on “Our Journey” to see our entire planned trip for the next year.  We will also write Blogs about our experience and post them on our website as we travel the US. 

We will be spending the summer/fall in Traverse City, Michigan then we will travel South then West.  We’d love to visit you, if you are where we are, at any point in or our travels.  

In lieu of Christmas cards – we would love to talk to you in person! Send us an email at with your contact info and we will add you to our holiday calling list.

We hope to see you during our travels!

I am at the Trenton Post Office getting ready to mail our Full Time RV Updates.   Rather than sending Holiday cards, our goal is to give our friends & Families a call during the Holidays.   We also want to visit friends, both old & new as well as family as we travel. The sad thing for me is that I have put Holiday cards in scrapbooks for years.  It is great to look through the albums and watch the kids that we know growing up & read the many letters that accompany the cards!  Maybe I will just have to ask for pictures and updates to be emailed to me!

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