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“Staying at this Harvest Host was a great kick off to our Indianapolis 500 Weekend & the Summer of 2023!”


Our Evening @ Triton Brewing:

We wanted to get to the campground in Indy for the 500 early so we decided to stay at a Harvest Host closer to the track than our current location of Lebanon, Ohio.  When I searched for a Harvest Host, I found Triton Brewing which seemed to be perfect to meet up with some friends.  We also got to catch up with Devin, who flew in from California earlier that day.  So, my sister, who was also going to the Indianapolis 500 with our group was kind enough to let me drive with her to the Cincinnati airport where we picked up Devin and then headed to Indy to meet up with Brad at the Harvest Host!

Brad got there first and was pretty excited about the Brewery and seeing Devin so the FUN began.  We had reached out to some family and friends that live in the area and they started arriving and we had a great time catching up and getting ready for the race.  Thank you to those that joined us and especially my friends that I had not seen in quite awhile!  Brad enjoyed meeting new people while I caught up as did all the friends there…many current phone numbers were shared & a lot of reminiscing.    Thanks for Facebook, we were able to chat and plan this great evening!

My morning After:

As I walked around with Dewey in the morning after our great visit  and night at Triton Brewing which, by the way was quite peaceful and quiet at night!  There was another smaller camper van there for the night and we got to meet them in the morning.  I noticed several  buildings that looked very similar to  the Triton Brewing building as I walked therefore, I had to do some research on the background of this area.   The actual location of the brewery is 5764 Wheeler Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46216.  I found several articles noting this transformation.  I saw one that noted, “20 years after military exit, Fort Ben revitalization gains steam”.  

About Triton Brewing

Triton Brewing Company, which opened in September of 2011, is located on the eastside of Indianapolis, Indiana on the former site of Fort Benjamin Harrison. 

Triton’s home was constructed as a brick mule barn for Fort Benjamin Harrison in 1924.  The mules that lived in the building provided the beating heart of the Fort; they pulled the fire wagons (the fire trucks of the time), the heavy artillery, and the carriages and carts that moved people and supplies. In the late 1930’s the building was converted into a motor pool and continued to function as such until the late 1960’s. At this time the Army converted the building into the location of building and grounds maintenance for the Fort.

In 1997, Fort Benjamin Harrison was officially closed and our building became a storage depot for Burns Racing, sponsor of Al Unser Jr. in the Indy 500 in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. When Triton moved the first of our equipment into the building in 2010, two of the race cars were still in the building.  After a significant effort to renovate the space, the building has become a significant contributor to our identity. It is where Triton Brewing Company found our “Mojo.”

Initially, Triton Brewing Company was established to be a production brewery with a small Tasting Room and food provided by food trucks. In late 2017, Triton Brewing Company established a full kitchen and menu, and began providing our own food service, the Triton Bistro. Our kitchen has quite a diverse menu, featuring smoked meats, fresh produce, Vegan and vegetarian options and a kids’ menu.

At Triton Brewing Company we are committed to using the finest ingredients in our beer and bistro recipes to achieve and maintain such distinction that Twe gain a first-class reputation for quality and value which draws new and repeat customers year after year. Look for our house ales and Forking Series specialty beers in our Tasting Room at the Brewery, and in finer establishments in and around Indiana.

At Triton Brewing Company, we believe that better water makes better beer! Beer is

 94-96% water. It is the primary raw ingredient and the basis of all of our recipes. Triton uses both reverse osmosis and carbon filtration systems that allow us to strip water down to its core – two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The system gives us water that is 99.99% pure. From there, we build water “recipes” to make sure, for example, that the water we use in our American IPA is perfectly calibrated to make the Railsplitter an instant classic! We go out of our way to get the water right, so the beer is right. We’re just as purposeful, passionate and detailed about the rest of our ingredients and processes!  We make purposefully make beer that gives your grown-up tastes something to appreciate

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