Stop For Fuel….


On our way to Deming, NM when we stopped to fuel up, a nice truck driver that was next to us, mentioned that he heard some unusual sounds when Brad was breaking and pulling up to get fuel.  So we listened closely as we drove out and heard the strange sound that he had mentioned.  BRAKES are important so we called and found a spot in Albuquerque to see the RV.  This stop was shortened a bit and we had to drive quite a bit to make up time and get to Kansas City, where we had plans with a lot of Brad’s co-workers!  We are also ready to get back to Lebanon, Ohio and see family, friends, doctors etc!

So…Here are our stops and shew…it tired us out and left me bummed that we did not get to explore much at these stops and I kept telling myself, this is the RV Life!

“The STRUGGLE you are in TODAY is DEVELOPING the STRENGTH you need for TOMORROW.”  – Robert Tew


As I sat looking out the window, I read  this quote & seemed to calm me down a bit.  This is a journey and we will face many different situations! 


Ashley Hetherington - In stressful times, it's okay to not ...




1: Sunrise RV Park – Deming, NM

This was a planned stop and I have some great memories of this and will post separately as I got to see 2 of my Aunts and their spouses along with a great visit to Bear Mountain Lodge – be sure to check out that post out as it was awesome!

As you can see..we were lucky to get time to see the Solar Eclipse – partial in Deming (0.812 Magnitude) but, we did have fun getting to see the portion that we could!  And we had a neighbor join us with his dog!!  

I also added a couple pictures from this RV Site, it sure was simple and when we called for reservations, they said just pull in and we will help you with you spot when you get here!  That is what we did and then on Monday when the entire crew was there, we walked over and paid for our spot!  It was very simple and other than the lack of internet, we were pleased with how quiet it was and how nice the residents were!


 2: Albuquerque KOA (Again!)

This was actually a FIRST for us – this picture was taken when we here back in January 2024!  We almost took another picture but, it was interesting…we had the same site and the same three RVs were still in the same spot across from us!

Makes me very curious in finding how many RVs are permanent for longer stays!


 3: Birdie RV Park – Albuquerque

We saw this new RV Park, BIRDIE very close Lonestar Truck Group where we took the RV for the “brake sound” we heard previously.  Since it was so close to the repair shop, we decided to stay here for one night.  The good news is that the RV was done quickly and they just had to oil the part that was making odd sounds – SHEW.  They did mention if the sound comes back in the near future it could be more serious!


This RV Park is fairly new and very busy as we could see very few empty spaces! 

We enjoyed talking to the new owner and hearing what they learned opening this park and how the new addition will change (i.e. NO curbs around the grass by each spot).  We were pleasantly surprised that they saved a spot for us when we explained that our RV was getting fixed.  They did not charge us until we arrived with the RV. 

Luckily, our fear was that the RV would take overnight , did NOT happen!


4: Sierra Blanca Brewing – Harvest Host – Moriarty, NM

5. Corral Drive-In RV Park – Guymon, OK

We enjoyed our one night at this park and were glad that got to walk around!  The second picture seems to be this screen for a drive-in movie – made us wonder if they ever play movies here anymore!  I guess we will ask if we return to Corral Drive-In RV Park.

6. Air Capital RV Park – Wichita, KS

On we GO!

We made it to Kansas City, MO

We can now chill for a week, see friends and get ready for our next Missouri stop – St. Charles (St. Louis area) where we get to see some more family and then off to Ohio – Home we will go!




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