Nashville KOA – We are Here!

I have to admit that I was pretty excited to be spending the Holiday in Nashville!  We came here several years while the kids were grwoing up to be with my cousin and family.  As the kids got older and college etc, it was a lot harder to make it there so we are very excited to be back here for a longer stay and catch up with both old and new friends!


“I cook with wine, sometimes I  eve add it to the food.” – W.C.Fields

We picked the KOA in Nashville as it was central to a lot of  the get togethers that we had planned for the trip!  Our site was near the front and ver easy to navigate in and out of the park!


Arrington Vineyards

Arrington Vineyards was officially licensed in April 2007.  And then the Vineyards first opened its doors on July 1, 2007!  They have won several awards throughout the years and expanded! 

They bought additional  farm land they added “Grand Barn” .  This barn now serves as a retail shop and music venue every weekend from April through October.

Becky signed us up for the “Tasting Bar” experience. We were guided through a tasting of six wines in the Lodge. Our hosts were fabulous and we got to keep our tasting wine glass!  And it was great that we got to experience as a private tasting.

My pictures do not capture the beauty – go visit on a nice day!

Arrington Vineyards


Brad is quite happy to chill after a great celebration – is this turkey tryptophan???

“Did you nap after eating the Thanksgiving meal? Or did you pass out like you were shot by a tranquilizer gun?”

— Jim Gaffigan

We are Brave!


We got the courage to head to Opry Mills hitting the Sales!

We were especially excited that we got to see both Santa Claus and Taylor Swift!



 Evening Out with Sharon & Rick



Brad met Sharon when they were at Ohio State University together!  I have been lucky to meet Sharon a long time ago when she still lived in our area.

We got to meet her Husband Rick  and we had a great time chatting at their beautiful home and then heading out for a great dinner and many years of catching up!

Bonus – their daughter was home for a bit so we got to meet Holly in person after years of Christmas pictures.  Her brother, Michael was not home.


Bye, Bye!

We had a great and busy Fall Trip in Nashville area!  

We definitely want to come back and continue exploring.  We got to see some great friends and we can see that there is a lot more to explore in the Nashville Area.  As noted we did not explore a lot however, we did get to see a lot of friends and celebrate.a great Thanksgiving with Family – PRICELESS.

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