Our Return to Talona Ridge



Daylos View

Brad started taking pictures out the front of Daylos, our RV at each of our stops.  It has become the tradition even if it is not the best view!  And this is a good example of not showing the beauty of this lot.  


“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry.  And be sure to smell the flowers along the way” – Walter Hagan


Found this sticker and it reminded me of how relaxed we are when we are here!




 Connect with Great Friends!

Our good friends George & Pam live in Georgia and they were great to come and spend the day with Brad & I.  They actually came up last time we were here and we had fun then so we were very excited to see them again!

We had a great dinner out, complete with fried green tomatoes and then headed back to RV to continue “catching up”!  Feel blessed after a great day with old friends!

Talona Ridge RV Resort

Cherish Each Moment


 Cartecay Brewing

This was a nice local Brewer that we stopped by ⇒

There was a Brinkley gathering at the park which was fun to see and learn.

Brinkley RV

The Country Corner Kitchen – Back Again!


Country Corner Kitchen


And it is still GREAT!!!!

 Once again Fun in Ellijay – We hope to return again!!!

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