Treeside RV Resort

I have to admit that we picked this RV Resort due to the recommendation from our friends, Anne & Lynn that we were visiting while in this area.  

This park was nice, we did not get to enjoy the pool due to the cool weather however, it was very nice!  There seem to be a lot of long term RVs on the other side of the park!  

Treeside RV Resort


“A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.” – Frank Crane

The view was a bit more exciting to the side or back..We were right in front of the Pickleball Courts which could have been noisy however, did not bother us! And it was nice to be close the Laundry etc.



Below are some pictures of the park.  It was a great park to walk around and enjoy the weather!  There was a workout room – a bit small but, better than none!  Both the pool & Hot Tub were nice as well!

Brad & I even rode our bikes around on a Quiet Day!

I have to admit that our stop at New Braunfels was a Great Visit!

 Cheers to Friends!

We headed over to Ann & Linn’s for a Happy Catch-Up Hour!  It was awesome to see them and plan some more adventures together!!

Wally was a bit tired of us being there and was ready to Chill & Be Left ALONE!

Our visit to Gruene, Texas!!

Ann & Linn took us here and BOY were they right, this restaurant is one that you should try if you are in the area!  We had a great dinner and then headed around to explore the Gruene Historic District! 

We did not take many pictures however, if you look at the background, you can see that it was a beautiful evening to sit outside and enjoy The Gristmill !            


After our fabulous dining experience we walked around New Braunfels a bit and enjoyed our stop at “GRUENE HALL”



The Gristmill River Restaurant

The Gristmill – Anybody who has been to Gruene or New Braunfels has probably seen or heard of the Gristmill. It’s an iconic restaurant that serves classic home-style cooking with a touch of elegance. The Gristmill is located on the banks of the Guadalupe River and offers live music on weekday and weekend evenings. It’s not just about the food at the Gristmill, it’s about the ambiance and the dining experience.”


The Gristmill   


We headed over to RoughHouse Brewing with Linn & Ann after a tour of their new Neighborhood, Kissing Tree.  I will try to see if I have more pictures of that neighborhood which was impressive!

Another great day to sit outside and enjoy some Brews!  Of course, Wally was excited to be with us on this Adventure!  I do recommend this brewery for a great afternoon – It was very open outside and great to be there with kids &/or dogs if you like!





 Strolling through New Braunfels

 Faust Street Bridge


Built in 1887, this impressive Whipple Truss Bridge towers high above the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels. Scorched in a fire more than 20 years ago,

“The bridge and the mill are a history lesson in themselves. From the center of the Faust St. Bridge, look up river and see the dam leading to the mill. Above the dam, submerged by the higher water was the settlers’ crossing at the foot of Nacogdoches St. The dam changed the Guadalupe forever. “

 I thought this was a very interesting read:  Faust Street Bridge History

We could see this building from the Bridge and that led me to do some research…

Fear the Walking Dead 

When I looked up “Wittington’s Denim Company” to find out the background of this company that you can see from the Bridge, I saw that it was used in “Fear the Walking Dead”.  

Historic River Mill Future

I also found this link that explains more of both the history and plan for this Building!  Makes me sad to lose the History so I do hope that it is saved somehow!

Multifamily, Hotel, Office & Retail Project Breaks Ground

I then found another article on the future of this building – makes me want to go back and see the status.  Apparently going to be torn down & rebuilt as noted above: Multifamily, Hotel, Office & Retail Project.

“Sometimes we can only find our true direction when we let the wind of change carry us.” – Mimi Novic

Our Friends Met us in BOERNE


Loved our picture in front of   Flashback Funtiques

That was a great unique shop that was fun for ALL!

Our friends from Traverse Bay RV Resort were close to us so we planned to meet up for an afternoon in Boerne, Texas!  When I looked up some information on this town, I loved the quote that I found on this area”

“Historic But Never Antiquated”, Boerne’s Hill Country Mile” will bring feelings of nostalgia–but our shops, restaurants and galleries are anything but antiquated.”

We enjoyed our lunch @ Cibolo Creek Brewing.  Brad & I were both quite happy with our lunch there! 


After lunch we headed out for more exploration!

 Zelicks Icehouse

 San Antonio

No photo description available.

Alamo Area Browns Backers

“Welcome to Texas, Browns fans! The Dawg invasion of Houston has begun! If you couldn’t make it to Houston, join us in SA at Little Woodrow’s Stone Oak tomorrow for a 3:30pm kickoff! Kids are welcome as are any and all fans of the Browns! We got this! #GoBrowns

Brad & I  found this post on Facebook and since Brad has been a Cleveland Browns Fan his entire life, we thought this would be a great way to watch this play off game while we were in Texas!  Since we were going to San Angleo (Afton Woods) to watch the game, we headed over a bit early for some exploration then headed over to the game!  We met a couple other RVers & had a great day (Other than the Browns losing). 

This was a great event that the  Browns fans are strong in this area!   

On the Road Again!

Our Next Stop is Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville, Texas !

It was interesting to me as we drove through Texas Hill Country (Only now do I really know how interesting this next part of our trip was to see the different landscape in our Country!

We also visited Kissing Tree in San Marcos!  If I was going to live full time in Texas, this one is high on my list!


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