Kerrville, Texas

We have good friends, Lori & Rod that were staying here for the winter so we booked a few nights to spend some time with them….Then something came up and they had to leave for an unexpected event.  We were bummed they had to leave but, visited the area anyway!  We had fun exploring this park that we had heard a lot about and the area surrounding Buckhorn.


“True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.” –  Unknown




Buckhorn Lake Resort

I have to admit, as many told me the resort is Beautiful!  There are different ares including and ‘Adults only’ and ‘The Club’.  Luckily we have friends in the club area so we could walk around and enjoy this restricted area of the park.  See more pictures from the resort below.  They also seem to have many events on the calendar, we did one and felt “Welcomed”!  If we go again – will check for fun events!

And even though there was a “FREEZE” alert while we were there, we had a good few days!

Buckhorn Lake Resort

RV Maintenance

Brad Loomis – Learning as we go! 

Remember I mentioned above that it it got to Freezing?  We did a first…. hired locals to do a wash/wax Daylos RV.   So they went on the roof and due to the freezing temps over night (that seemed to be gone on the ground) slipped and broke the Shower Skylight.  They were great and ordered new to  install the next day – PLEASE do not snow or rain overnight and let water in!  Shew….All was good and BRAD installed and now the shower is letting light in!!



Due to the forecasted freeze…. Our friends that had to leave asked Brad to check their RV for the night, so we headed over to their RV and checked it out.  Rod gave a thumbs up and a Thank You!!


Brad to the Rescue!!!






Shew…Onto Fort Stockton for one night!

We have quite a long drive to Carlsbad as we head to California for a longer stay and to see some Family & Friends

Please feel free to leave comments and places to visit next time we are here!




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