Our Visit @ Anchor Down:

“My family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to me.” — Michael Imperioli

Uncle Jerry came to visit!


I was pretty darn excited that Uncle Jerry drove from his home and rented a hotel room for one night to spend time with Brad & I in Dandridge, TN!  Carrie (my cousin is Uncle Jerry’s daughter) & her husband John (Darn, I did not get a picture with them) joined us for a great lunch while he was there!


We talked a lot about my Dad, Don Boyd and their growing up together mainly in Evansville, Indiana.  I will try to remember to get pictures of Dad  to share.  Uncle Jerry is close with my Mom (still to this day!) and he talked about their days at University of Cincinnati together while Mom & Dad dated and then married their Senior year of college!  I do wish that I had recorded more than I did. And all the trouble that they got into when they were little boys!  It did amaze me how close they were throughout their lives and yet, how different in some ways they are. And this was a great to visit with Uncle Jerry since Brad continued to fight and heal from Chicken Pox!

Brad had found the Anchor Down RV Resort before our full time travels began and this resort is so popular that we made our reservations prior to being Full Time in order to enjoy as our travels began!  We did stay in the Lebanon KOA for a couple weeks after leaving Talona Ridge.  Completed “house keeping” with appointments in Ohio, met up with a lot of friends and were very excited for our busy First Fall/Winter/Spring RV Trip! 

There were a couple times that we were thankful for being in a familiar location and close to family!  Brad got Chicken POX, yup he is 58 years old and did not have it as a kid (guess he should have gotten a vaccination)!  I am glad that I have mine for Shingles and Brad is getting that one soon!    

The good thing is that he got them while we were in Ohio, and he was feeling good enough to drive us here for our adventure!


About Anchor Down RV Resort

Website: Anchor Down RV Resort


“The Premier Douglas Lake RV Resort in Dandridge, TN”

This campground was very nice and had amenities galore.  The best way to see is through pictures so I have posted many below for you to see AND we booked for 2 weeks next year!

This is a definite when you need a great place with kids – water, outside and Game room!  And there a large grocery store not too far from there!


Let’s visit Dandridge!



After Uncle Jerry left, we did go out one night and found a great Local place for dinner & a beer while chatting with the locals!  We decided that this was the best way to visit – where the locals go!!  And this one did not let us down!  Both the Restaurant employees and the locals that we met were great to talk to and very accepting of us! 

Website: Dandridge Brewing Company

                 Dandridge Brewing Co



“One of those gems you find along the way where the locals all seem to gather. Dandridge Brewing Company is a quaint spot in the center of Historic Downtown Dandridge, Tennessee where you can find a large selection of craft beer, delicious Deli-style sandwiches, and absolutely the best Steaks and Chicken you ever tasted. Founded by Jake Depew, Owner / Operator in 2017.”

Dandridge Brewing Company



We were lucky and had their special for the day SMOKED Ribs and they were fabulous!

Brad & I added a dollar to their collection, noting our names and where we are from.  It was fun to read all these notes!


Great Visit – Reservations 2024 Complete!


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